About HVPC

Happy Valley Pipe Company located in Happy Valley, Oregon, produces quality ceramic pipes to enhance your smoking pleasure.

Throughout history, pipes have been constructed from various materials such as stone, wood and glass, but clay pipes have stood the test of time. They are the preferred smoking mechanism for connoisseurs. Clay naturally compliments the various aromas and flavors produced by top shelf smoking products. Happy Valley Pipe Company’s pipes are made in America with clay resourced from the Pacific Northwest. Clay, an inherently porous substance, naturally filters tars while allowing moisture to evaporate leaving you with a cleaner smoke. Due to this quality, moisture is removed as are displeasing odors other pipes often present. Each pipe’s inners remain unglazed in order to achieve maximum absorption while also reducing common build up of tar and resin. Unlike other pipes made from various materials, clay pipes do not need to be seasoned and immediately provide a great smoke.

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