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Happy Valley Pipe Company never places unnecessary pressure on the number of pipes we produce. This allows us to take our time making beautiful functional works in clay. Our pipes are individually made by hand and as such are unique and one of a kind. Our only objective is to offer quality ceramic pipes that enhance your smoking pleasure. #purehappiness

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Brotherhood - A Happy Valley Pipe Company Commercial [NSFW]

The first of many one minute commercials Happy Valley Pipe Company plans to release this season. Hint: Watch it to the end.

A heartfelt story about brotherhood. When one brother is gone, the others struggle to continue along their adventures without him.

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My wife bought me one of these fat alien pipes for Christmas! This is the best pipe I’ve ever had, I Love It! It’s just wonderful the way it cools the smoke! I wish you guys were around 48 years ago when I started indulging.